February 24, 2013: Day 21, Run


This was day 21 out of 56 of Hal Higdon’s 10K Novice Program which called for a four mile run. Using a multiplier of 15 minutes per mile, I ran on the elliptical cross-trianer for one hour.

Time: Morning

Shoes: Brooks Ravenna 3

Podcast: Software Test Podcast

Run (elliptical): 60 minutes @ levels 3–6

  • 10 minutes @ level 3
  • 50 minutes @ level 6

Heart Rate Average (AVG): 147 bpm

Maximum Heart Rate (MAX): 159 bpm

Note: I’m seriously loving my elliptical “runs”, recumbent biking, and weightlifting. Especially since I’m getting my heart rate up, sweating a lot, and strengthening my muscles six days per week—yet not breaking myself. That is, the indoor training I have been doing has allowed me to workout more consistently than any other period of time I can remember in the past. Yay!

Polar FT1 BlackOh, and speaking of heart rate, today was the first day I used my Polar FT1 heart rate monitor. Hence the newly added AVG and MAX stats. What a wonderful tool! Super simple to use, inexpensive, and I will eventually use it to perform heart monitor training to help optimize my workouts.