Too much too soon

Too much, too soonAs reported the other day, I have injured myself twice now in the past few weeks. Before that I was doing fine but had been taking things a lot easier. I believe it all started when I bought my fancy Garmin Forerunner 10 watch, completed my first recorded run on November 13, and uploaded the results to Garmin Connect. That is, I was running/walking at that time and felt embarrassed recording the walk portions so I dropped them like hot potatoes.

And just like hot potatoes, I ended up not being able to handle just running with no walking breaks. Silly me! Oh well, we all have to learn sometime about the extreme balancing act between pushing yourself hard enough to evoke change and pushing yourself so hard that you break or, in my case, strain/pull something.

Therefore my new plan beginning tomorrow is to follow Hal Higdon’s 10K Walking Program to make sure there are no more calf, upper thigh, or any other body part issues. Note, even though it is not mentioned in Hal’s Walking program, I will keep weightlifting Mondays and Thursdays. Then, I will revisit his 10K Novice program but this time run/walk instead of just run. After that, I will follow the Novice program yet again but mostly run—if it feels right. Finally, after three successful injury-free 10K programs I will advance to Hal’s Half Marathon Novice 1 Program in preparation for the 2013 Portland Half Marathon. Please check out my Training page for a more up-to-date listing of my training plans.

The big news here is that from this point on my number one goal will be to remain injury-free. Everything else—milage, speed, etcetera—is at best secondary. Thus, if you have any tips you’d like to share about how best to train and not hurt yourself I am all ears!