Think different.

Think different

As previously mentioned, I woke up this past Tuesday with an achy lower back—actually if I move wrong it feels like someone stabbed me with a knife! What did I do to cause this you may ask?

I’ve had lower back issues since my early teens brought on by a whole host of things such as my right femur being 1.5 inches shorter than my left, playing Evel Knievel with both bicycles and motorcycles, getting my back crushed while playing “smear the queer” (yeah, I know but what can I say, that’s what we called it!), and on and on and on.

But, I haven’t had any lower back pain for the last six months until now. So, what did I do this time to cause it? My best guess is I changed from mild-mannered crunches to harsher (for me) sit-ups, a lower back protective lever seated row to a lower back involved cable seated row, and added rowing as well as a back crushing (again, for me) lever standing calf raise (plate loaded), all at pretty much the same time. Thus, as my theory goes, my back just couldn’t take it!

So, what to do? Well, my first inclination has always been to rest and wait the typical 7—14 days for it to completely go away. But, this time I decided to think different. Yes, that’s AppleTalk (I’m on a roll today!) for making a dramatic change from the norm.

Therefore, instead of resting an inordinate amount of time—all the while my body parts decondition—I decided to carry on as usual doing what Hal’s 10K Novice Program suggests—as long as it doesn’t hurt my back any further.

And, guess what? So far so good! Sure, my lower back still hurts if I bend wrong—that’s what ice is for—but overall it’s getting better not worse. Oh, and of course I have switched back, for now, to crunches, the lever seated row, and less harsh calf raises. And yes, I love Apple. :-D