My name is Randy, I’m an ellipticalic

My name is Randy, I'm an ellipticalic

I cannot express the feelings I have for the elliptical cross-trainer at the gym. They’re magical exercise machines. They easily raise my heart-rate to whatever zone I wish to train in, they’re fun to use—like running and cycling combined—and they haven’t hurt me—yet!

That is, too much of any one thing can become a problem. Thus my goal is to break away from my current elliptical addiction and branch out to other forms of aerobic equipment, while still dodging walking and running due to my left foot’s suspected metatarsalgia, such as a recumbent cyclerow ergometer, and stepmill. And then, of course, mix back in a wider assortment magical ellipticals.

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  1. The elliptical is awesome. I don’t like to use it too often though, because it then results in some hip pain. Have you tried walking again to see if the ache is still there?

    • Yes, me too. Hip pain from too much elliptical! LOL, it was just delayed. Hence this post stating it hadn’t hurt me and then the one I posted later in the day saying it had.

      As for walking, yes on that as well. Any walking I have tried lately, even slow walking, brings on those stupid hot spots. Of all the issues I’ve had, this suspected metatarsalgia is the most frustrating. :-(

    • That’s a very good question. For me, the elliptical seems much more quad than hamstring specific. And it certainly hasn’t hurt my newly repaired left hamstring. But, just in case, I Googled around and found this article which states:

      If you love to run, you’ll have to settle for the elliptical machine, stationary bike, revolving staircase or stepping routines. As aggravating as the hamstring injury’s discomfort may be, even if it’s triggered by just a 6 mph run, you may actually be able to perform other forms of cardio at your highest level, if your hamstring injury is first-degree.

      as well as this one that states:

      The elliptical trainer is another piece of equipment that produces little to no impact. Your feet remain on the pedals as you workout, so there’s no impact of your feet lifting off and meeting a surface repeatedly. Plus, you can exercise at a vigorous pace and get your heart pumping without straining your pulled hamstring. Though you can add weighted resistance to an elliptical, you may not want to while you still have an active injury.

      Hope this helps!

      • It does — it sounds like it might be the ticket to getting active again, if I join a local gym. And since joining a gym really wouldn’t work with a job, at least with my hours and Bill’s, Murphy’s Law guarantees that I’ll hired soon!

  2. Interesting, I never feel like I am actually getting a good workout on an elliptical. Just goes to show there is an exercise out there for everyone!

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