Memories of a Rainy Saturday Afternoon

There I was hurdling downhill at 50 miles per hour. The rain was striking my face like BBs shot from a gun. I was drenched from my helmet to my shoes, my leg muscles stung and my lungs were burning from the four mile climb I had just finished. Someone yelled from a support vehicle, “Come on, faster! You can do it!” Suddenly, reality struck. I was in the middle of a bike race called the Solvang Century during one of the year’s worst rain storms. I had actually paid hard-earned cash to enter this grueling event. Despite the terrible conditions, I was having a good time. At that moment I asked myself, “Am I crazy? I like this.” Many people would think I am nuts to ride one hundred miles in the rain wearing only a jersey and cycling pants (no rain gear). However, the feeling I got when I crossed the finish line somehow made it all seem worthwhile.

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